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UCLA Circle K wins multiple awards at DCON 2022

CNH Circle K District Awards 2021-2022
Presented at CNH District Convention March 2022

Outstanding Interclubbing

Don Hull Distinguished Kiwanis Family Relations

John Woodall Distinguished Membership Development

Distinguished Appointed Board Officers:

-Andrew Yang (Technology Chair)

-Melanie Lin (Small Scale Service Chair)

-Jaden Nguyen (Kiwanis Family Youth Chair)

Distinguished Treasurer: Joleen Chiu

Distinguished Secretary: Tam Nguyen

Distinguished Vice President: Leanne Bagood

Mei Po Wong Overall Service Award: Platinum Division, 1st Place

Camille Goulet Distinguished Club Award

Outstanding Total Achievement

Funds Raised for the Kiwanis Family House: 2nd Place

Funds Raised for the Pediatric Trauma Program: 1st Place

Funds Raised for Project C.U.R.E.: 1st Place

Funds Raised for the American Cancer Society: 2nd Place

Overall Funds Raised for DFIs: 1st Place

-Leanne Bagood
-Connie Chen
-Joleen Chiu
-Kelly Nguyen
-Andrew Yang

-Melanie Lin
-Tam Nguyen

-Justin Linder