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Justin Linder inducted into UCLA CKI Hall of Fame

Induction Speech by Jessica Revilla, UCLA CKI President 2020-2021:

The Hall of Fame award goes to a graduating senior who exemplified our organization’s core tenets during their time in Circle K. Every year, we induct one outgoing member into our UCLA CKI Hall of Fame in order to recognize the achievements and impact they have made on this club. This year, we are honoring one individual who has served in a multitude of different positions within our organization, from sub-committee positions to club board all the way to the District level. For the past 4 years, this individual has gone above and beyond the lines of their duties, solely because of their love and devotion to Circle K.

Despite great odds and a plethora of challenges along the way, this person continues to remain dedicated to this organization, always looking to offer a helping hand to their fellow general members, fellow committee members, and fellow board members. Furthermore, this individual’s passion and drive motivates their peers to devote themselves to their service and strive to achieve their own personal goals. The support that this individual has provided has played a key part in the success and achievements of our club. I can say with absolute certainty that this individual has left a lasting, positive impact on the lives of this organization’s membership and our club here at UCLA and I see no individual more deserving of this recognition.

It is my absolute honor and privilege to announce that the 2022 UCLA Circle K Hall of Fame inductee is Justin Linder!