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UCLA Circle K wins multiple awards at DCON 2022

CNH Circle K District Awards 2021-2022Presented at CNH District Convention March 2022 Outstanding Interclubbing Don Hull Distinguished Kiwanis Family Relations John Woodall Distinguished Membership Development Distinguished Appointed Board Officers: -Andrew Yang (Technology Chair) -Melanie Lin (Small Scale Service Chair) -Jaden Nguyen (Kiwanis Family Youth Chair)… Read More »UCLA Circle K wins multiple awards at DCON 2022

Join our Discord!

UCLA Circle K has a Discord!  Alumni can join the Discord to see regular updates about the club, participate in fundraisers and Kiwanis Family events, and connect with other alumni.  Alumni can chat in the Alumni channel and other Socialize channels and view the Club… Read More »Join our Discord!

UCLA Circle K wins DCON 2021 Awards Circle K District Awards 2020-2021Presented at CNH CKI District Convention March 21, 2021 100% Early MRF Outstanding Single Service Project – 1st Place Outstanding Divisional Leadership Team Member – Phillip Nguyen John Woodall Distinguished Membership Development & Education Distinguished Appointed Board Officer- Leanne Bagood (Kiwanis Family Youth Chair)- Sangeetha Ramachandran… Read More »UCLA Circle K wins DCON 2021 Awards

Celebrating new CKI scholarships

Rich Thigpen and John & Elaine Nichelson Memorial Scholarship Virtual Reception Hosted by the CNH Children’s Fund at DCON 2021  Rich Thigpen’s family – his mother Mary and sister Deborah – was in attendance. Members of the Kiwanis family shared stories to honor Rich.  Jennifer Chaves and… Read More »Celebrating new CKI scholarships

Advisor Award gets new name

The Cal-Nev-Ha Circle K Faculty Advisor of the Year Award is named Rich Thigpen Faculty Advisor of the Year Award after a petition written and endorsed by UCLA Circle K alumni. Thank you to CNH Circle K 2020-2021 District Board and District Administrator Armando Velazquez. On… Read More »Advisor Award gets new name